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Property Search

Below is an interactive, searchable map of available commercial and industrial properties throughout Janesville.  

To begin, click on the search properties button located on the header bar, then select the type of property you are looking for, i.e. check "Office" and "Retail."

You can further refine the search by the size, and zoning by clicking on the zoning tab and selecting the type.

Once you have selected your search criteria, click the search properties tab at the bottom left of the requirements box.

Up to 10 sites will be shown on a page. If there are more available click on the next page number located along the top of the property listings being shown.

Once you click on a property a new page will show with a map location of the site. Under the map are four options printed in Blue. They are OVERVIEW, DEMOGRAPHIC REPORTS, PROPERTY DETAILS, AND IMAGES/ATTACHMENTS. By clicking on these you can receive information relating to the specifications for the property,  lease or sale brochures, photos, and the location of each site.

Click here for instructions to optimize your search experience using the Location One Information System (LOIS).