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Downtown Business Improvement District Board

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The Downtown Business Improvement District (BID) was established in 2017 with a purpose of providing resources for revitalizing the downtown area. To achieve this purpose, the BID levies a special assessment against the businesses with the district. The funds received from the special assessment fuel the development of the businesses within the BID, as well as operate, maintain, and promote the BID. 

Desirable Characteristics and Qualifications for Committee Members (per staff liaison)

  • Good communication skills.
  • Open-minded.
  • Knowledgeable, interested in, or involved in downtown revitalization.
Number of Members 

9 members and 1 alternate member
Property owners within the BID (2)

Business owners within the BID (2)

Citizen at large (1)
After these positions are filled, efforts will be made to include members from all BID zones.


Mike Faust 

Mick Gilbertson

James Grafft

Matthew Kealy

Bekki Kennedy

Jeni Lindstrom 

Dave Marshick

Joe Querna

Shawn Reents

David Riemer

Mark Robinson, Alternate

Term of Office 3 years (initial appointments to the Board in 2017 included one, two and three year terms to stagger Board turnover)
Commencement of Term First Monday of May each year
Appointment by Whom City Manager

The City Manager will take into consideration
the recommendations of the BID Board when appointing members to this committee.
Approval or Confirmation by Common Council
Residency Requirements of Citizen Members  None
Duties and Responsibilities The objective of the BID is to provide leadership and management for revitalizing the downtown area. By making the downtown area more attractive, tidier, and cleaner, the area will become a safer and more welcoming area to embrace new businesses and foster the growth of existing businesses. By working with the downtown businesses through improved connections, the BID strives to promote and champion all that the downtown area has to offer.  
To What Authority Do They Report N/A
When Meetings are Held Per the BID By-Laws, the BID Board shall hold a minimum of two meetings annually.
Who Calls Meetings Chairperson
Responsibility for Minutes BID Board Secretary
Location of Filed Minutes BID Board Secretary