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Employment, Training, and Labor Stats

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The Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development provides labor related resources and data for businesses and individuals.

Wisconsin Job Center logoThe Job Center of Wisconsin operated by the DWD and is an employment exchange connecting businesses and individuals in and surrounding the state.  The Rock County Job Center (RCJC), located in Janesville, provides a One-Stop Employment Center for employers and job hunters. The RCJC can operate as an external human resources center for new or existing employers by providing recruiting and screening services and interview space.

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Southwest Wisconsin Workforce Development Board (SWWDB) provides programming and services to individuals and businesses in Rock, Green, Layfayette, Grant, Iowa, and Richland counties.  Below are information sheets provided by SWWDB.

Jobs In Rock County
The area's one stop employment and information portal can help streamline employers talent recruitment and retention efforts.  Employers can post openings on multiple online job boards, access applicant information in real time and have the ability to nudge job seekers who haven't yet completed their applications.  This single source online portal has features such as "Reverse Placement Program," "Trailing Spouse Program," and "Community Connection Program." For job hunters, Education Training Resources  can assist job hunters in identifying current and new skill levels and better understand what employers are looking for.  Visit for more information.


For a full list of the largest employers in the area, visit Rock County Development Alliance



Inflow-Outflow Map

Income and Labor Statistics

Wage and Benefit Survey - Rock County 2015

Occupational and Employment Wage Data

Janesville Commuting Patterns and Workforce Statistics, 2014

The laborshed for Janesville extends significantly beyond the borders of Rock County.  Since Janesville's location is a  congruence of Interstates I-39 and I-90, US Highways 14 and 51 and State Highways 11 and 26, our laborshed extends to Madison; south of Rockford, IL; west to almost the Iowa state line; and east to Waukesha,  Racine and Kenosha. 


For a full list of the largest employers in the area, visit Rock County Development Alliance