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Thursday, June 11th 9am CST

Now or Never for Retail: Digitizing Your Supply Chain to Enhance Your Customer Experience
Hosted by eft Reuters Events Presented by Gerry McGowan, VP Operations & Logistics, HelloFresh US, Nick Hunt, Retail & CPG SME, Tradeshift, Erik Caldwell, Divisional Chief Operating Officer – Supply Chain (Americas & APAC), XPO Logistics, Vipul Taneja, VP Digital Finance, Cognizant and Radhakrishna Madduri, Global Solution Leader


The unprecedented events of the Covid-19 outbreak have hit retail extremely hard, compounding challenges that were already facing the industry and bringing many long-standing players to their knees. But for those who were focused on actively future-proofing operations, it is clear that the greater the digital capabilities of your supply chain are, the better you will weather the storms.  Presenters will discuss how to:

  • Replace outdated logistics architecture with digital logistics solution to reduce operating costs and make your supply chain your competitive advantage
  • Yield efficiency gains by creating a more accurate picture of your sourcing network and the parties in it to enable accelerated growth, such as the re-use or re-sale of waste products
  • Break down silos in your network to unleash the power of real-time visibility with a fully orchestrated system that is dynamic and responsive to customer demand

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Friday, June 12th 9 AM CST
Merchandising Best Practices

Presented by Lyn Falk


Lyn Falk will be doing a 1.5-hour webinar on merchandising best practices open to all Main Street and Connect Communities.  If you are a business owner in historic downtown Janesville, you won't want to miss it.

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Thursday, June 18th 12:00 PM CST
Protecting Your Business From Fraud

Hosted by SCORE Presented by Amanda Brinkman


Are you familiar with the basic principles of assessing fraud risks for your small business?

This webinar, presented by Deluxe Chief Brand Officer Amanda Brinkman and U.S. Bank Financial Services Veteran Morris Jackson II, will cover smart tips for auditing your business finances as well as ways to monitor for potential risks to keep your business safe from fraud.
You’ll learn:

  • How to recognize the vulnerabilities of your business
  • How to audit your business for potential risk
  • Tips to limit your internal fraud risk
  • Best practices to limit external fraud

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Thursday, June 18th 2:30 PM CST
CRE's Wireless Revolution: Digital Innovation, Services and Value Generation for the Built Environment

Hosted by Bisnow


Connectivity is no longer just about enabling communication with laptops and smartphones. It’s about the myriad sensors and devices that monitor, control, secure and reliably operate buildings. Wireless in the built environment has evolved to become flexible, scalable and cost-effective to support evolving connectivity and communications requirements while delivering performance, reliability and security for mission-critical and business-critical applications.

Today, there exists a broad toolkit of wireless technologies. But with more choices comes more complexity. In this webinar, you’ll hear from experts in business technology about outcomes that are driving wireless toolkit innovation as well as technology use cases and planning strategies. Most importantly, you’ll hear best-practices from actual customers who have deployed smart wireless networks.

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Wednesday, June 24th 12:00 PM CST
A Simple Recipe for Social Media Success

Hosted by SCORE Presented by Jenna Schaffer


Social media can be overwhelming and often feels like you’re just spinning your wheels. In a time of such uncertainty it’s important to know where to be, how to be engaging, and how to get results - all with a limited amount of time and resources.

In this webinar, Digital Marketing Expert Jenna Shaffer will provide a recipe for social media that saves time and gets results to grow your business.

You’ll learn:

  • Which platforms are best for your business to be communicating through, right now
  • The 15-minute social media plan to strategically execute your strategy
  • Getting started in the pay-to-play world of social media

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Thursday, July 9th 1:00 PM CST
Productize- Steps For Turning Your Service Into A Product

Hosted by SCORE Presented by John Warrillow


Service companies have been among the worst hit by this pandemic. Consumers and businesses have drastically cut their expenditures on services to conserve cash and avoid human contact. However, we're still buying products that meet an immediate need.

To capitalize on this flight to purchase products that meet an immediate need, service providers need to "productize their service". 

Join this webinar presented by one of the U.S. top business-to-business marketers John Warrillow and Director of Business Market Development Brian Trzcinski, who will share how to do just that!

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